for couples, groups and teams










     - self-controlling teams  
     - organic togetherness
     - life-serving communities
     - encounters at eye level

In a complex world, communities and teams will have to guide and control themselves more and more. But how? This requires a simple method. That's why we have developed NVC-plus.

Good conflict resolution does not structure a team.
NVC-plus changes the cooperation step by step and sustainably.



















 The NVC-plus card set  for easy learning and sharing

The big free NVC-plus Ebook

170 pages, without an email request, just like that!

NVC-plus Email-Support-Group
There is a NVC-plus-Yahoo-Group. If You look for information and support, just subscribe:

It is mostly in German, but you can try to join.

At the moment, woe look for a small and stabil team, which likes to test out NVC-plus.

NVC-plus - Deck of Cards  in

Chinesisch (baisic cards)

The more extensive german page here.

 in pdf-format

free to download and use!

Slideshow cards! Please klick!
The complete deck of cards  as a pdf-booklet You get here for free.
Free to use!



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